(MDA: GA3967420-45285)
  • Cooling Gel Patch is the first one and leader of color changing cooling gel patch manufacturer.
  • Composed of gel layer, hydrophilic polymer gel and protective film.
  • Makes effect of physical cooling through taking away large amount of local heat by water vaporizing inside gel.
  • No skin irritation.

Product Description:
It is composed of non-woven back lining layer, gel layer, polyethylene film layer and other parts. Not containing ingredients that exert pharmacology and immunology or metabolism.

Suitable for:
Children aged below 6 years

1. Uncover the transparent film, stick adhesive side of the hydrogel to forehead, neck, temple or other parts that need cooling and cold compress. It can be cut into appropriate size according to the need

2. Do not stick it to the hair. If there is moisture on the skin, clean it and the use it. Use one patch at a time.

3. Avoid repeated use so as not to affect the viscosity and function

1. Blue for Boys
2. Pink for Girls

50mm x 120mm

4 patches in 1 Box