Bio Lozen Lozenges – Peppermint Flavour
(MAL NO.20086120T)

Each 2.5 gm lozenge contains actives:

  1. Folium Eucalyptus globulus extract – 6.00mg
  2. Methyl Paraben (Preservatives) – 2.25mg (0.09%)

The Benefits:
to give you fast, soothing, effective, relief when you have a mouth or throat infection.

  • From a pure herbal preparation, that helps to relieve cough and sore throat. Every herb has been chosen with utmost care to give a complete cough formula.
  • Useful in relieving dry cough, productive cough and cough of various etiology.
  • Useful in relieving bad breath due to smoking or chewing tobacco, thus acts as excellent mouth freshener.

2 blisters x 12 pcs lozenges